Sep 6Opening meetingWelcome to the 2021-22 season!
Sep 13My Photo AlbumSteve Clifford
Sep 20MCPF PortfolioMidland Counties Photographic Federation's portfolio of members' photos
Sep 27PG tips - New visions (change of speaker)Mike Sharples can't make this week so we have Peter Gennard instead webPeter Gennard
Oct 4Competition: Projected Digital ImagesColour, Mono, Nature
Oct 11Victorian EveningBring your camera!Graham Currey
Oct 18Competition: PrintsColour, Mono, Nature
Oct 25Under Water PhotographyDavid Keep
Nov 1Sport for All David Lowe
Nov 8Light PaintingBring your camera.Antony and Steve
Nov 15Competition: PrintsColour, Mono, Nature
Nov 22More Shared MomentsDerek Doars
Nov 29WorkshopActivity to be announced later
Dec 6Competition: Projected Digital ImagesColour, Mono, Nature
Dec 13Christmas PartyBring some food and a secret Santa gift
Jan 10Enjoy LandscapesWayne Brittle
Jan 17Night Skies PhotographyMartin Kessel
Jan 24Competition: PrintsColour, Mono, Nature
Jan 31Under a Tuscan SkyAshley Franklin
Feb 7Competition: Projected Digital ImagesColour, Mono, Nature
Feb 14Seeing Eye (Zoom Lecture)Paul Mitchell
Feb 21Battle: Millennium Trophy
Feb 28Duckett LightingRalph Duckett
Mar 7Portrait SessionBring your cameraBen Wilkes
Mar 14Competition: PanelsPanels of 3 photos each
Mar 21Drone PhotographyGuy Dunn
Mar 28WorkshopActivity to be decided
Apr 4You can be the JudgeDi, Chris & Andrew
Apr 11Competition: Isis Trophy (prints)
Apr 25Competition: Annual Projected Digital ImageThe best of the PDIs of the season compete.
May 9Competition: Annual PrintThe best of the prints submitted this season
May 16Annual General Meeting
Jul 25Midsummer Meeting

Meetings start at 7.30pm. Please arrive in good time so we can begin promptly.

January 10th

Prints Competition Submissions

Please submit Colour, Mono, Nature Prints for the 24 January Prints competition by January 10th.